Homework for the Ages

Grade 9:

Social Studies - Unit Three has begun - CAUSALITY. This unit will take us from the early 1300's to the late 1700's (French Revolution) Readings are extensive - Luther and Protestant Reformation, The Renaisance, Period of Enlightenment and others.
Current work is as follows - Chapters 10 to 12.
Protestant Churches worksheet now past due.
1-2 page essay on Religious leader or religion is due Wednesday, March 12. NOW PAST DUE!!
There will be two Pop Quiz's this unit - so be prepared at all times.
ELA - Our new unit is Love and Loyalty. This unit incorporates understanding of relationships, decisions we make, and how those influence us and everyone around us.
Monday, March 10 we begin study on William Shakespeare - life, times, history..... then on to Romeo and Juliet.
We are also continuing to work on commmonly confused words in dialogue and writing - e.g. - among between allusion illusion

PED - Badminton - lets smack birds around!
Fitness testing takes place bi-weekly.

Comp Lit 9 - We are now working on CyberSafety - how to be safe on the internet, what to look for, and how to protect ourselves.
We continue work on Search Techniques - these are important when you are at home, as well as when you are working on
projects in school in other content areas. Think about your task before randomly hitting the net.
We are currently working on Animation as a sidebar to relieve our minds from the harder aspects of computer work.
We will begin blogging after the Easter Break.
P.A.A. 9 - We are now working on a Drafting Unit.
Lettering is our focus for the next two weeks, then identifying line drawings and their sections.
Students are required to bring two pencils to class (soft and medium, an eraser and ruler). I will supply drawing paper.
Lettering continues to be our focus. We will work with 3D modeling after Easter in Google Sketch-Up.

We have begun to plan for our year-end camping trip. It will follow the same format as last year - 3 Days and 2 Nights.
Everything cooked on a fire. Tents and no electricity. This trip will take place in June '08 (11-13).

Information Processing 10 - We continue work on the school newspaper each class.
Google SKetchUp is our next venture. It is a free download off the net and will allow users to experience 3D drawing
capabilities. Our goal in this unit is to introduce students to architecture design and promote visual acuity.
All projects will be emailed to individual students - no paper will be utilized. Completed projects will be emailed
back to Mr. K.
Video Projects for the Division Website have been incorporated into our daily work. The workload has increased - stay organized!
Remember that Friday is check-up day! Assignments not done are penalized. When the Art and Design Project II is completed at the end of 6 weeks, they will be e-mailed to me.
Students who wish to use OpenOffice (much friendlier than Microsoft Word, please contact me and I will install it on your account. When using OpenOffice, please remember to save as a .doc file so you can open it at home on your Microsoft programs.
Newspaper - work must be completed daily. This school project requires you to committ recess and noon hours
to making sure it is complete. Make sure photgraphs are taken weekly!!

Grade 7 / 8:

Science 7 - Our new unit has begun - Forces and Motion.
Keep up with your reading and Activity work.
Current - Friction begins Monday, March 10.
Science 8 - Your new unit is Energy and Machines.
Simple Machine construction projects are due Wednesday, March 12. Be ready to explain your project!

Comp Lit 7 / 8 - We are now working on CyberSafety. How to be safe on the net and what to look out for.
We continue with Search Techniques - when you are at home, as well as when you are working on
projects in school. Think about your task before randomly hitting the net.
Animation projects have begun - we are now on 50 frame projects.
P.A.A. 7 - We are working on a mini-unit on Animation.
We will be using the program - GIMP.
It is free to download off the internet. This unit makes for interesting discussion and allows students to show off their interest by putting actions together on screen.
Get you juices flowing - soon we will be in the kitchen.