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Technology! It changes everyday and at times, becomes the bane of our existence. Why should we use it?
Exciting new learning opportunities, visual stimulation and a wealth of cutting edge ideas bring the world together in more ways than you and I can imagine. As we take a journey into higher education, please try to link this page to a useable space accesssible everyday. Homework postings, tips and tricks, as well as important links for all subjects in your school year will be available for you to use and enjoy.
Contact your friends, and share the knowledge you are able to pick up on the new portals we call - the World Wide Web.

Technology for the Ages - Learn the Book


To the left you will find links to subjects instructed by Mr. Kotchorek. Please click on the Homework Haven link to find updates on your current work that is about to be due, or is unfortunately, past due.
In addition to Homework Haven, you will also find each subject listed. These pages contain links to subject matter covered in class, and additional information that will enhance your in-class learning.